The strumming of a guitar was barely audible as I walked down the street towards one of the pubs I had been beginning to regular. every Friday night at 9 o’clock, they had open mic nights, and as it just so happened, it was Friday. I pulled open the door and let the cold air swish around me as I removed my hat and laid it down at my regular table.

Since I was new to performing, and also kind of, well, late, I was the last act for the night. I took off my jacket and burrowed into my chair nervously, preparing to wait for everyone else to finish their turns.

As I was taking the first sip of my drink, the regular host appeared. “Due to a low number of entrants today, we will have some performers playing multiple times. I do apologize sincerely”, he said. As he walked off of the stage, he beckoned forward a young man around my age, a young man I had seen before…

Before I even knew why, I stood up quickly knocking over my chair. As he started to strum his guitar, I began to hum along as if I knew exactly what he was doing, almost as if I was a part of him…

“Well I don’t know how, and I don’t know why..”, I began, startling him. I gave him a sly grin, and continued, shocking not only myself, but everyone. I sang the best I ever had along with that boy, as if my vocal abilities, and his guitar playing abilities were meant to be put together, and combined. It was almost like something from a storybook. We never faltered, and we continued onward through song after song as the crowd erupted into cheers and raucous rounds of clapping.

When people started to trickle out, they both respectfully came off stage and prepared to leave themselves.

“Hey, look, I know we don’t know each other very well and all, but do you think maybe we could go out and eat somewhere when we finish up here?” I tried to ask confidently.

His face immediately reddened a tremendous amount. “I-I’m sorry, I-uh I don’t have much money..”, He faltered. “Hey, look, don’t worry about that, okay? I know a great soup place just down the street that’s really cheap, and on top of that, we can split the bill. Does that sound okay to you?”, I said, while smiling sweetly at him. “O-okay..”, He said somewhat slowly, as if disbelieving what was going on.

I helped him pack up the rest of his things, and together we donned our myriad of jackets, extra shirts, scarves, and hats, preparing for the brutal cold expected outside. I slipped my gloved hand into his as we trudged down the wintery, snowy road at the end of daylight, with hope kindled in my heart and warmth in my cheeks.


Okay so, if you want the first song they played together, here it is:?t=45s      -It’s supposed to start at 45 seconds to fit with the story.-

And for all the others, use your imagination! I’m sure you can do that. Anyways, that’s it and stuff. So I’ll be around I’m sure.


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